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Car Detailing

Magnify Auto Detail offers interior, and exterior cleaning, for cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks and aircraft.


Other services include paint polishing, metal polishing vinyl sticker removal, overspray removal and paint touch-ups to name a few. In addition to cleaning, we offer many forms of paint protection, from waxes and sealants to ceramic coatings and PPF. Protecting your vehicle's surfaces is vital if you expect any durability on paint, plastics, rubber or metal and keeps them in top shape and looking great. 

We only use professional detailing supplies on our customer's cars such as:

Feynlab, Gtechniq, 3D and Osren to name a few.


Our Motto is simple,

"If we as detailers won't do it on our cars, we won't do it to yours."

Quality products

When it comes to cleaning and protecting the surface of your vehicle, you want professional service and products when someone is looking after your car.


We offer the best of both worlds, and can also supply you with those same products to help you look after your own car.


Use what the pros use that give longer lasting results and a better look. 

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